Market Challenges:

You are experiencing:

  • inadequate market share
  • strong competition for listings
  • tight competition for talent that is affecting results and growth
  • tight competition for leadership talent / loss of talent
  • innovative new models and competition moves posing threat to existing market share

Branch Leadership Challenges:

You have franchise owners or branch managers who…

  • are disengaged, challenging and/or negative
  • are struggling to lift performance and market share
  • are struggling to attract new talent and/or retain existing talent
  • have unmotivated or underperforming salespeople and/or property managers in the office

Head Office Challenges:

You are experiencing:

  • lack of engagement and uptake from branch leadership to initiatives designed to support them
  • lack of agility and inability to respond quickly to changes in the market
  • the effects of internal managerial effectiveness issues
  • internal capacity/workload challenges that lead to internal customer service issues
  • investing heavily in training, development and motivational events that lead to little observational outcomes

Salespeople Challenges:

You have salespeople who…

  • are consistently struggling to perform
  • turn up to training but don’t use what they learn – or don’t even turn up (despite your best efforts to support them)
  • are disengaged, negative and/ordo not represent your brand well


As an agency, there are a number of outcomes you (probably) care about (and work hard to try to create or maintain)

  • High-Performing Offices / Franchises
  • New franchise and salespeople recruitment
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Agency reputation in the market
  • Manager / Franchise retention
  • Regulatory compliance

Everything we do here at Real Estate Leaders is designed to help you (and your branch leaders) to address the above challenges and achieve the above outcomes.

Office Performance

Customer Satisfaction

Agency Reputation in the Market

Manager / Franchise Retention

Regulatory Compliance



Engage their Leaders

We support agencies to think through what needs to happen to powerfully engage their leaders.

Build their leadership capability

We work with agencies and branch leaders to support them to think through what needs to happen to build their leadership capability.

Lead their team to high performance

We work with agencies and branch leaders to support them to lead their teams to high performance.

Lift their market share

The work we do to lift performance has a natural effect on market share.

Want to iron out your agency challenges, so you can lift your results and market share?


Strategic Planning Workshops

We run strategic planning workshops for boards and leadership teams to understand where they're at - and what they need to do to achieve their organisational goals.


We consult with agencies to help them to resolve their challenges and achieve their organisational goals.

Branch Leadership Engagement

We work as an independent liaison between agencies and branch network leadership to support both parties to address challenges with service delivery and engagement.

Leadership Development Programs

We work with agencies to develop their branch leader leadership capability and results.

Conference Workshops & Training Events

We run workshops and training events for franchise owners, branch managers and salespeople on a range of topics.

Support Services

We collaborate with other professionals to provide solutions to common branch leader and salesperson issues that get in the way of performance - including mindset coaching, video training, and professional personal branding solutions. Got a common issue? Contact us to see if we can help.

“I consider Jasmine to be a secret weapon for our organisation. If you are lucky enough to get to work with her, grab the opportunity. While we could see how to get results to a certain level, there were things we couldn’t see about our systems, processes and training that were getting in our way. Her insights about how to create results – as an agency, a manager or an individual – are profound. Whether you’re an agency or a manager or owner of a single office or franchise, if you are not where you want to be, Jasmine will add tremendous insight and value to your organisation.”


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