• You don’t have the market share you want and are struggling to establish it
  • You have lost (or fear you are at high risk of losing) some of your high-performing team members to other agencies
  • You know you aren’t maximising office potential and you don’t have a plan for how to develop it (or your plan isn’t working)
  • You have salespeople who are underperforming and/or unmotivated
  • You don’t really know where to focus your time and attention for maximum results
  • You are struggling to maintain work/life balance and you’d like some ‘life’ back
  • You are struggling to attract new talent
  • You are crazy busy and struggle to find the time to get to some of the actions you know you should be taking
  • You have some difficult team members that you don’t know how to manage


As a branch manager or franchise owner, there are a number of outcomes you (probably) want….

  • A high-performing office
  • To retain your good salespeople, property managers & support staff
  • High visibility in the market
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Customer loyalty
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Good reputation in the market
  • Office profitability

Everything we do here at Real Estate Leaders is designed to help you to address these challenges and achieve these outcomes.

Office Performance


Customer Satisfaction

Agency Reputation in the Market

Regulatory Compliance

Team Retention

Customer Loyalty

Brand Visibility

Performance is natural – under the right conditions.

The key to performance then, is understanding what the right conditions are – and how to create them.

“As a new branch manager, I hired Real Estate Leaders to help me process what I needed to be focusing on to create results. Jasmine – their coach, has helped me to get clear on a plan and set of strategies to prioritise to lift the performance of the office and build my leadership capability. She’s helped me create a bridge between my goals and the strategies and actions I need to build a high performing, motivated team. Her coaching style is confident, honest, and a refreshing change from other coaches I’ve worked with. I come away from each conversation with a clear sense of where I am on the plan, and what I need to be focusing on next to keep lifting the office results.
I would highly recommend to her any branch manager – regardless of whether you are new or experienced, Jasmine has powerful knowledge on how to help you lift your game and office performance.”

We work with branch leaders to help them to resolve their challenges, and lift their team performance and market share.

“I was unexpectedly invited to Jasmine Platt’s workshop only the night before and I have to confess I did not know anything about Jasmine. Usually I would find some background information before attending a course or training. I went into Jasmine’s workshop not knowing what to expect and came out totally enlightened.
As a real estate sales manager a big part of my role is training of salespeople and Jasmine’s workshop is going to help me immensely. I attended with my branch manager which was great as we were able to put our heads together and come up with a plan.Even though the workshop was only a couple of weeks ago we have already implemented some of these changes which are having a positive effect on our business and the team.
I would thoroughly recommend attending Jasmine’s workshop as I found her ideas fresh and relevant to today’s world.”
Sharon Oldridge
Sales Manager
Barfoot & Thompson Whangarei
“Jasmine offers wonderful clear, focused business intelligence and enlightenment to people’s blocks to achieving great success. She cuts to the chase, lovingly and effectively so people quickly identify what is ‘really going on’ and what they need to do about it. Her insight and timeless wisdom I have found incredibly useful to inform both my personal and professional development. Conversations and reflections with Jasmine are crystal clear; there is no fat, just pure insight. I can highly recommend her skills and presence as a professional coach, facilitator and mentor.”



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Real Estate Leaders was born, unexpectedly, in the middle of a conversation with a branch leader client.

Having worked with him in a coaching capacity for six months, with him getting great results, something about that particular moment – Jasmine doesn’t recall what it was that happened in the conversation, but something had her realise she wanted to specialise in the industry.

It wasn’t because she’d been brought up with parents owning their own agency.

It wasn’t because she likes people – or houses. (Even though she does).

Rather, it was that in that moment, she saw the opportunity to offer something new and unique to the leadership of the industry. 

As an experienced performance and business consultant and coach with 16 years experience working across a range of wide range of industries, within both corporate and external L&D and performance consulting, Jasmine has a deep understanding of psychology and the underlying structure within businesses that leads to, or hinders success.

Jasmine’s commitment is to provide agency leaders the insight and support needed to push beyond existing constraints.

Since then, she has consulted with real estate agency boards, CEO’s and leadership teams, and worked with franchise owners and branch leaders across a range of leadership projects.  She has worked with their salespeople and is a regular contributor to the REINZ magazine.

As a believer in the opportunity of high performance, she loves working with committed, passionate leaders – helping them to build productive, effective teams, lift their market share and achieve their goals.

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