Founder | Performance Consultant | Coach | Trainer

Real Estate Leaders was born, unexpectedly, in the middle of a conversation with a real estate branch leader client.

Having worked with him in a coaching capacity for six months, with him getting great results, something about that particular moment – Jasmine doesn’t recall what – had her realise she wanted to specialise in the industry.

It wasn’t because she’d been brought up with parents owning their own agency.  It wasn’t because she likes people – or houses.  In that moment, something about that conversation, she saw the opportunity to offer something new and unique to the industry.

And thus, Real Estate Leaders was born.

Since then, she has consulted with real estate agencies, boards and leadership teams, and worked with franchise owners and branch leaders across a range of leadership projects.

As a believer in the opportunity of high performance, she loves working with committed, passionate leaders – helping them to build their teams to high performance and dominate their market.

Jasmine is an experienced performance and learning and development specialist. She has a management degree, focused on strategy and people (organisational psychology, L&D and human resources) and 16 years experience working as a consultant, coach, and trainer across a range of wide range of industries, within both corporate/HR, and external L&D and performance consulting.

For more information on working with Jasmine, you can contact her directly on 021 37 5050 – or email jasmine@realestateleaders.co.nz – or you can connect via LinkedIn.

Jasmine’s Role

As our Founder and Performance Consultant, Mentor and Trainer, Jasmine’s  role includes:

  • liaising with industry experts, agencies and branch managers to stay up to date with the current challenges of agency and branch leadership;
  • consulting with agencies to help ensure operations and business development run smoothly and effectively;
  • designing and delivering coaching, mentoring and training programs to support our clients in their bid to build high performing teams;
  • developing practical tools and resources for our clients to support branch leaders to lift team performance;
  • on-boarding, supporting and leading clients from wherever they are when they join us to the achievement of a high-performing team;
  • writing articles and white papers for industry publications; and
  • leading our wonderful support team in our commitment to offering our clients key support services.

You can get in touch with Jasmine, via email jasmine@realestateleaders.co.nz – or by calling 021 37 5050


“As a new branch manager, I’ve come from a level of competency and technical skill as a salesperson, to the new role of managing and leading an existing team. Passionate about doing a great job, lifting the office performance, and achieving my goals, I hired Jasmine to help me process what I needed to be focusing on to create results in a way that is also consistent with my values (something she is big on).

Jasmine has helped me to get clear on a plan and set of strategies to prioritise to lift the performance of the office and build my leadership capability. She’s helped me create a bridge between my goals I have for my life and that of my family, and the strategies and actions I need to be focusing on at work to build a high performing, motivated team who deliver excellence to their clients and the overall office results, while also supporting them to achieve their own personal goals.

Jasmine’s coaching style is confident, honest, direct and a refreshing change from other coaches I’ve worked with. I come away from each conversation with a clear sense of where I am on the plan, and what I need to be focusing on next to keep lifting the office results.

What I have appreciated most is her ability to walk along the journey with me, sharing useful insights and providing direction that is helping me as a leader, while also taking into deep consideration and treating with respect the development of leadership style in alignment with my own values and what I’m trying to achieve.

I would highly recommend to her any branch manager – regardless of whether you are new or experienced, Jasmine has powerful knowledge on how to help you lift your game and office performance.”

Scott Mackenzie

“Jasmine offers wonderful clear, focused business intelligence and enlightenment to people’s blocks to achieving great success. She cuts to the chase, lovingly and effectively so people quickly identify what is ‘really going on’ and what they need to do about it. Her insight and timeless wisdom I have found incredibly useful to inform both my personal and professional development. Conversations and reflections with Jasmine are crystal clear; there is no fat, just pure insight. I can highly recommend her skills and presence as a professional coach, facilitator and mentor.”

Andrew Melville

“Jasmine is gifted at getting to the root of one’s issue in moments. Jasmine made a quick and shockingly accurate assessment of where I was at, what my challenges were and how to quickly, almost effortlessly move forward. Jasmine has a unique ability to clearly see one’s blind spots and what holds them back professionally and/or personally. She works closely with you to show you where they show up, what they mean and how to eliminate them. I am simply amazed how much I’ve learned about myself and how much progress I have made since engaging Jasmine.”

Mike Gionta

“Jasmine is a very talented rare find. She has a fantastic vast array of experience and qualifications. Jasmine is an incredible mentor and coach with a unique spiritual side, yet she balances all this in perfect harmony resulting in a unique experience that gets results on all levels.

Corporate or Personal goals, she is a fantastic catalyst to help you turn all your hopes, goals and intangible visions into a VERY tangible reality.

Jazz is the perfect coach to help you achieve more than you ever thought possible.”

Alex Lovell

“Before working with Jasmine, I had goals that were important to me that I wasn’t meeting, but I had no idea how to achieve them or how to fix it.  After working with Jasmine, I now work around 25 hours a week (I used to work 70+) and am bringing in similar – if not more money. My stress and anxiety levels are significantly reduced. What I loved about working with Jasmine is I felt like I had a partner in the process. I am very impressed by her deeply intuitive understanding that helped me grow in ways I couldn’t do by myself. She led me through a process to shift the way I approach business – and, as a result, it has shifted everything else in my life. If a potential client was on the fence I would encourage them to not let their fear or not knowing what’s going to happen stand in the way. I didn’t know what was going to happen, but I am extremely happy with the results.”

Troy Broussard