Head of Client Branding and Marketing

As the Head of Client Branding and Marketing, Micaela’s role is to support our clients by providing offerings that:

  • lift the profile, professionalism and visibility of their salespeople;
  • provide salespeople with professional-quality, well-designed marketing materials that showcase their listings;
  • streamline marketing, take time-consuming work out of information-gathering, and delivering materials quickly, letting the salespeople get on with selling.

With a background in graphic design, Micaela achieves this through working with our clients to:

  • develop a professional standout personal brand;
  • design and create personal branding materials (e.g., bus stop advertising, signage, social media banners, car signage);
  • develop and coordinate the speedy delivery of property marketing materials (e.g., multi-page listing brochures, flyers, signage)

With an eye for quality design and professionalism, and a passion and reputation for excellent customer-service, Micaela makes our clients lives easier, and makes them look good in the process.

You can email Micaela at support@realestateleaders.co.nz